Bluey Daisy Balloon Tower With Baby Blue Number

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Host an amazing 'Bluey' party with our Bluey Daisy Balloon Column/Tower, showcasing everyone's favorite cartoon character. The addition of daisies gives a charming boho flair to the decorations. This piece will undoubtedly steal the spotlight at your event. Place it by the entrance to warmly welcome guests, beside the dessert table for added charm, or use it as a fantastic photo prop. Kids are sure to be absolutely thrilled!

- Customization - 
1. Notify a different number/color if applicable. Click HERE to see available number balloons.
2. Notify if you want different colors for the latex balloons.
3. Notify your need-by date. We may suggest a shipping upgrade for urgent order.

- Colors -
Latex Balloons: Dark Blue, Pale Blue, Burnt Orange, Blush
Daisy Balloons: Yellow, White 
Number Balloon: Baby Blue

- Dimensions -
Bases: 25" tall, 25" wide
Bluey: 31" tall
Number Balloon: 35" tall
Stacked: approx. 53" tall

- DIY Kit -
+ Bluey foil balloon
+ Jumbo number foil balloon
+ 12 x 11" latex balloons for the base
+ 12 x 5" latex balloons for the base
+ 3 daisy balloons
+ Supplies to structure the tower
+ Easy step-by-step instruction for assembly
+ OPTIONAL: jumbo baby blue number balloon
+ OPTIONAL: balloon hand pump (recommended), click HERE to order

- Assembled Tower -
+ Exclusively for local Ottawa customers
+ Ready to display 
+ Pickup or delivery

- Notes -
* Ideal for indoor or outdoor use when there's no wind.
* While balloon weights are not necessary and not included in this kit, they can provide added stability to the balloon tower, making them recommended for outdoor use.