Gender Reveal Balloon

Balloon Style
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Our gender reveal balloon is going to make your gender reveal party so memorable! Wow your guest with the big confetti POP! Save the tassels for nursery or next baby!

36" latex balloon 
Blue Confetti or/and Pink Confetti
5 ft Tassel Tail in the pink-blue ombre pattern as shown

- M A T E R I A L -
Balloon: latex
Tassels: Tissue Paper
Confetti: Tissue Paper
Both the latex and the tissue paper are BIODEGRADABLE.

- D E T A I L S -
+ If you select pink or blue confetti, you will receive a balloon pre-filled with pink or blue confetti.
+ When you don't know the gender yet, select option "BOTH". You will receive an empty balloon, pink and blue confetti packed separately. Confetti can be easily filled into the balloon by hand.
+ The tassel tail is ready to use. Simply tie it to the knot of the inflated balloon. The color arrangement is pink-blue ombre (reversible), regardless of the gender. 
+ The confetti weighs 0.5-0.6 oz
+ When you inflate the balloon with helium, please fully inflate it to 36" or it may not float.
+ When you inflate the balloon with air, it doesn't float. You may hold it by hand to pop.
+ Balloon ships flat