Air-fill Cute Cloud Foil Balloon 14" [Heat-sealing]

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Make your party stand out with this magical Air-fill Cute Cloud Foil Balloon! Brighten your sunshine theme birthday party, rainbow party, baby shower, and more with this 14-inch, mini cute shy cloud foil balloon that's a table centerpiece, party favor, balloon wand, and photo prop. Dare to make your celebration unforgettable!

Please note this balloon is air-fill ONLY and NEEDS to be heat-sealed. Please see instructions under the Detail section or in the listing picture.Ā 

- Details -
+ Inflated balloon measures about 14" tall
+ One 12" Balloon stick is included for you to attach the balloon to
+ Balloon ships flat
+ Air-fill ONLY
+ Heat-sealing required. Please read instructions below:
1. Heat sealer is recommended to seal the balloon. It can be purchased at a reasonable price from many vendors, for example, Amazon and Michael's.
2. Turn on the heat sealer and choose low heat.
3. Inflate the balloon with a balloon pump or straw. Pump and straw are not included with the balloon.
4. Once fully inflated, pinch the balloon neck tightly to secure the air inside.
5. Insert the flattened balloon neck under the level of the heat sealer.
6. Press down and hold the level for 5 seconds.
7. Repeat Step 5 and 6 one more time at a upper position of the balloon neck to double secure the sealing.
8. If the heat is not high enough to seal the balloon, turn the heat to a higher level and try again.
9. While some online sources mentioned the use ofĀ flat/curling iron, for safety concerns, we don't provide instructions about that.

- Important -
* Sensitive to temperature; may look like deflated in cold temperature and pop if it's close to heat.
* Adult supervision is required for children.
* Discard broken balloon right away.
* Keep away from heat and power line.