Bluey Paws Balloon Tower

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Elevate your 'Bluey' party with our playful Bluey Paws Balloon Tower. Perfect for entrances, dessert tables, and photo ops! Kids will love it!

- Colors -
Latex Balloons: Dark Blue, Pale Blue, Burnt Orange, Blush
Paw (balloon and cutouts): Black and White

- Dimensions -
Bases: 25" tall, 25" wide
Bluey: 31" tall
Paw Balloon: 21" tall
Stacked: approx. 53" tall

- DIY Kit -
+ Bluey foil balloon
+ Jumbo paw foil balloon

+ 12 x 11" latex balloons for the base
+ 12 x 5" latex balloons for the base
+ 3 paw cutouts 
+ Supplies to structure the tower
+ Easy step-by-step instruction for assembly
+ OPTIONAL: balloon hand pump (recommended), click HERE to order

- Assembled Tower -
+ Exclusively for local Ottawa customers
+ Ready to display 
+ Pickup or delivery

- Notes -
* Ideal for indoor or outdoor use when there's no wind.
* While balloon weights are not necessary and not included in this kit, they can provide added stability to the balloon tower, making them recommended for outdoor use.