Building Blocks Number Balloon Tower

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Throw a building blocks themed birthday party for your little boy with this balloon tower. Choose from DIY kit (shipped to Canada or the US) or an assembled one (ottawa local Only) for delivery or pickup.

No helium needed. Stand out with a jumbo yellow number balloon and a happy birthday round foil balloon.

- Customization - 
1. Notify a different number/color if applicable. Click HERE to see available number balloons.
2. Notify if you want different colors for the latex balloons.
3. Notify your need-by date. We may suggest a shipping upgrade for urgent order.

- Colors -
Latex Balloons: Red, Yellow, Spring Green and Dark Blue
Number Balloon: Yellow (other colors can be requested for)

- Dimensions -
Bases: 25" tall, 25" wide
Number 3: 37" tall
Stacked: approx. 60" tall

- DIY Kit -
+ Shipping to Canada and the USA 
+ One jumbo number foil balloon 
+ One 18" round happy birthday foil balloon
+ 12 x 11" latex balloons
+ 14 x 5" latex balloons
+ Supplies to structure the tower
+ Glue dots or dashes for adhesive
+ Easy step-by-step instruction for assembly
+ OPTIONAL: balloon hand pump (recommended), click HERE to order

- Assembled Tower -
+ Exclusively for local Ottawa customers
+ Ready to display 
+ Pickup or delivery

- Notes -
* Ideal for indoor or outdoor use when there's no wind.
* While balloon weights are not necessary and not included in this kit, they can provide added stability to the balloon tower, making them recommended for outdoor use.