Cheerful Sprinkles Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet

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Celebrate the sweetest birthday yet with this uplifting Cheerful Sprinkles Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet! Show your special someone how much you care with a dazzling display of bright, colorful foil balloons and cheerful latex balloons. Be unstoppable with a summer ice cream party, donut party, cupcake party, and everything that's sweet. Make this birthday a truly unforgettable one!

- Colors -
Latex: Rose Pink, Pink, Wintergreen, Orange and Yellow
Foil: pink, teal, orange, yellow, brown and white

- Details -
+ Ten 11" latex balloons,Β two balloons each color
+ One 18" round foil balloon

+ Balloons ship flat
+ Balloon ribbons NOT included.

- Safety -
* Foil balloons are sensitive to temperature; may look like deflated in cold temperature and pop if it's close to heat.
* Adult supervision is required for children.
* Choke hazard; discard if broken.
* Keep away from heat and power line.