Citrus Yellow Groovy Smiley Face Foil Balloon 30"

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Smiley face balloons are the must-haves for a retro groovy party! Thisย lemon yellow jumbo smiley face is going to escalate the event with its funky design and hippie 70s vibes, no matter it is birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or any other event.ย 

- Details -
+ Inflated balloon measures about 30" across.
+ This self sealing balloon can be filled with helium or air. It will float when filled with helium while it will not float when filled with air.
+ Balloon ships flat

- Important -
* Sensitive to temperature; may look like deflated in cold temperature and pop if it's close to heat.
* Adult supervision is required for children.
* Discard broken balloon right away.
* Keep away from heat and power line.