Cowgirl Disco Tassel Garland


Introducing the Disco Cowgirl Tassel Garland! Featuring playful pinks, shiny silver accents, and a cow pattern, it's the perfect blend of country charm and disco vibes. Ideal for Cowgirl birthdays, First and Last Rodeo celebrations, and lively Bachelorette parties. Add a unique touch to your event with this dazzling decoration!

+ Designed & handmade with love and care in Ottawa Canada.
+ Crafted with premium quality tissue paper made in the USA.
+ Thoughtfully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.

- Material -
Tissue Paper, Metallic Mylar Sheet, Natural Jute Twine

- Colors -
Hot Pink, Light Pink, White, Shiny Silver, Cow Pattern
Twists wrapped with Shinyย Silver

- Measurements -
Individual tassel is about 14.5 inches tall
Multiple garland lengths avialble