Dollhouse Delight Tassel Garland

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Create a bright & cheerful party with Dollhouse Delight Tassel Garland! Inspired by classic dolls, these vibrant tassels inΒ pinks, blues and orange and yellow wavy pattern provide a modern retro chic vibe to any girly bash. Hang them up and show off that retro flair - it'll be doll-ightful!

Our tassel garlands are designed and handmade with love and care in Ottawa Canada. Each tassel is crafted with premium quality tissue paper made in the USA. We thoughtfully package them to prevent damage during shipping.

- Material -
Tissue Paper, Metallic Mylar, Natural Jute Twine

- Colors -
Hot Pink, Raspberry, Sky Blue, Shiny Pink and Orange/Yellow Wavy Pattern
Twists wrapped with metallic pink

- Measurements -
Individual tassel is about 14.5 inches tall
Multiple garland lengths avialble