Hippie Groovy Balloon Bouquet

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Celebrate in style with our Groovy Balloon Bouquet—the perfect way to complete your bohemian soirée! Tickle your guests’ fancy with our retro-inspired, fun-filled colors, and don't forget to let's party! Our festive bouquet is perfect for any groovy themed birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or other special events. Go on, hippie out!

- Colors -
Rose Pink, Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow, Retro Wintergreen, Coral, Lilac

- Details -
+ 12 balloons in total, 2 balloons each color
+ Inflated balloon measures 11"
+ Balloons ship flat
+ Balloon ribbons NOT included.

- Safety -
* Choke hazard; discard if broken
* Adults' supervision is required for children