Happy Penguin Foil Balloon 24"

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Bring your arctic-themed birthday party or baby shower to life with this jumbo Happy Penguin Foil Balloon - an essential decoration that'll make your event unforgettable! Dare to create a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration with this brave tuxedoed companion and his vibrant colors. Add a blast of excitement to your occasion!

- Details -
+ Inflated balloon measures about 24" tall
+ This self sealing balloon can be filled with helium or air. It will float when filled with helium while it will not float when filled with air.
+ Foil balloons are reusable
+ Balloon ships flat

- Important -
* Sensitive to temperature; may look like deflated in cold temperature and pop if it's close to heat.
* Adult supervision is required for children.
* Discard broken balloon right away.
* Keep away from heat and power line.