Spider Superhero Tassel Garland


Introducing our Spider Superhero Tassel Garland, inspired by the iconic web-slinging hero from movies and comics! Elevate your boy's superhero-themed birthday bash with this dynamic party decoration and striking photo backdrop. Featuring bold blue and red hues with a shiny touch, this garland comes assembled and ready to hang, infusing your celebration with superhero excitement and style straight out of the movies and comics!

- Material -
Tissue Paper, Natural Jute Twine

- Colors -
Cherry Red, Parade Blue, Black, Shiny Red, Shiny Dark Blue

- Features -
+ Designed & handmade with love and care in Ottawa Canada.
+ Crafted with premium quality tissue paper made in the USA.
+ Thoughtfully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.

- Measurements -
Individual tassel is about 14.5 inches tall
Multiple garland lengths avialble