Funky Monsters Balloon Kit

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Delight your kids with the Funky Monsters Balloon Kit! This fun and playful set of balloons has a range of cartoon monsters colors including orange, blue, green and purple, perfect for any Halloween or monster-themed party - all year round. Choose between balloon bouquet and balloon garland to fit your event's style. 

- Colors -
Orange, Blush, Lime, Caribbean Blue, Mint, Lilac, Macaron Purple

- Pick Your Style -
One 5" balloon of each color
Seven balloons in total

Balloon Bouquet:
+ (14) 11" balloons, (2) balloons per color
+ Balloon ribbons NOT included
Balloon Garland:
+ an assortment of 5" premium quality latex balloons
+ an assortment of 11" premium quality latex balloons
+ balloon decorative stripe
+ easy step-by-step instruction
+ OPTIONAL: balloon hand pump. Click HERE to order. Highly recommended!
+ Chrome purple only available in size 11"
* Balloons ship flat

- Safety Notes -
* Choke hazard; discard if broken
* Adults' supervision is required for children